Five Elements Peace Park - A buddhist meditation center
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Five Elements Peace Park - Located in the San Louis Valley in The Colorado Rocky Mountains.

- Our Mission Statement -

Serenity and Powerful Presence of Spirit

1) Five Elements Peace Park provides a peaceful place “to be”.  In our modern world many people feel they do not have time for themselves.  Five Elements Peace Park offers a quiet, contemplative space where one can sit or walk and be with oneself.

2) The Five Elements Peace Park sponsors the Togden Retreat Center. The Togden Retreat Center, located at Khampagar Monastery, is where enlightened Tibetan Buddhist yogis live in strict retreat . Ani Chonyi Zangmo is the coordinator for the Togden sponsorship program in the United States.  Through her present efforts and our future efforts we intend to insure Togden sponsorship will continue in the United States for generations of Togden Yogis.


Tibetan Shrine Temple known as a Gompa
The Five Elements Peace Park Gompa - The Tibetan name for a Shrine Temple. - A place for meditation.



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