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Five Elements Peace Park - Located in the San Louis Valley in The Colorado Rocky Mountains.

About Five Elements Peace Park

"After attaining complete realization Kukkuraja, the Younger, whose secret name was Treasure of Full Attainment sang this song at first break of dawn on the island in the ocean:

Enlightened mind is the five elements. 
Uncontrived and naturally cognizant, it is pure like the sky.
Burning the dualistic fixation of beings, it is like fire.
Moving without focus, it appears like the wind.
Purifying the stains of subject and object, it is pure like water.
Not disturbed by anything, it is like the earth. 
The self-existing enlightened mind includes the great elements.
I understand that other than this there is not even an atom in which to train.
Once I released my ignorant thoughts,
I reached the state of great bliss without effort.
" *

Five Elements Peace Park nestles under the Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Five Elements Peace Park nestles under the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the Colorado Rock Mountains.

The Five Elements Peace Park began with the idea of creating a small nunnery, where up to five or six Buddhist nuns could live quietly, practice meditation, study the Buddha dharma, serve their neighbors, and bring a spiritually uplifted presence to Casita Park.

When the Peace Park is completed, it will be open at specific times for use as a contemplative space.  It has a small gompa, or temple, where scheduled meditation practices, along with free meditation instruction and spiritual guidance, will be offered.  Although the Peace Park is born out of a Tibetan Buddhist tradition, it will follow the Shambhala model of being open and available to other spiritual groups.

As with the Buddha Dharma, Five Elements Peace Park grows and adapts to the times and environment in which it resides. As we grow so does our path. Many people have been involved in creating the Peace Park and helping it to evolve to its present state. Many more will be involved in its continued growth. Although work in accordance with the Dharma brings its own great merits, we offer our thanks.

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* From The Great Image, compiled by Yudra Nyingpo, translated by Ani Jinba Palmo, © 2004 by Eugenie de Jong (Ani Jinba Palmo). Reprinted by arrangement with Shambhala Publications Inc., Boston, MA.”

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